A national burger franchise, built by you

At BurgerDAO, our ambition is to build the world's largest DAO-driven restaurant group, and we're starting with the burger. Join a global community of food and web3 enthusiasts as we build the world's first decentralized burger franchise.

Buy BurgerDAO membership NFT

The Classic

The Classic membership includes

  • Governance rights via NFT

  • 1 'On-chain Burger' - a one-of-a-kind burger combination, available at BurgerDAO franchises

  • Monthly code for free burgers

  • Access to members-only Discord channels

  • More to come!

8,000 total supply

The Franchise

The Classic Membership benefits plus

  • 4x governance rights

  • 4 'On-Chain Burgers' with premium ingredients

  • Claim to one franchise location and lead role in defining the franchise name, menu specials, and more

  • Access to special franchise members-only benefits

  • More to come!

1,000 total supply

Roadmap & Phases

Phase 0 - MVC
In December 2021, BurgerDAO launched with a mirror.xyz post detailing the opportunity to build a decentralized burger franchise. A MVC (minimal viable community) was validated as hundreds of F&B industry professionals, cloud kitchen experts, chefs, web3 enthusiasts and burger lovers joined the BurgerDAO discord.

Phase 1 - NFT launch
In early 2022, BurgerDAO launches a membership NFT ("The Classic" and "The Franchise") to fund the treasury to operate BurgerDAO.

Phase 2 - Franchise Launch
In mid 2022, BurgerDAO will launch five franchises in key cities leveraging cloud kitchen partnerships.

Phase 3 - Franchise Expansion
In late 2022, BurgerDAO will continue to launch franchises in new cities with the goal of covering the entire United States.

Phase 4 & beyond
2023 and beyond will include international expansion, partnerships with other food and RL (real life) DAOs, and expanding beyond burgers to become the world's largest DAO-driven restaurant group.

👋 Say hello 👋

The BurgerDAO discord is filled with industry experts, people just starting to learn about food-tech and web3, and everyone in between. The one thing that unites is our love for food, technology, learning, and building things - whether it's a smart contract, a smash burger, a beautiful visual, or compelling content. Join our Discord and come say hello - you don't need to buy a NFT to have discussions in our active public channels.

Thank you!

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